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LOW Loss Trench SBD

Trench SBD Charge-Cupling, Ti-Silicide
60V / 10A ~ 20A, VF : 0.5V
- 100V / 5A ~ 20A, VF : 0.65V

Trench SBD Charge-Cupling, Ti-Silicide
- 40V, 120V, 150V, 200V
  Low VF, Line-UP


High Temp., Low IR SBD
Charge-Cupling, Pt-Silicide
- 45V ~ 200V Line-Up
  (Automotive, Solar)

Low Loss SBR        

Trench SBD Charge-Cupling, Ti-Silicide
- 25V~100V Low VF Line-Up
  (Short Circuit / Ruggedness)

Low Cap. High ESD TVS

Trench / Discrete Type Vertical and Double Epi
- 3V, 5V / 0.5pF, 25KV

Trench / Array Package Type Vertical and Double Epi
- 3V~15V / 0.2pF, 25KV

Nano-Patten, Circuit Type Vertical & Lateral Type
- 3V~15V / 0.2pF/0.5pF, 30KV
   High Clamping Power

Complex TVS        

Low Cap. TVS + PW TVS
Array Package
- 5V/10V~25V

Package TO-277,PDFN56,PDFN33 UDFN2020, UDFN1010, UDFN0402, ULP-4, ULP-5, ULP-10, USCF