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TITLE KEC Participates in 2018 Electronica India

KEC Participates in 2018 Electronica India


KEC (President Chang-sup Hwang), a company specializing in non-memory semi-conductors, is participating in 2018 Electronica India, which is held in India from 26th this month to 28th the same month.

“Electronica India”, which is held in Bengaluru, also known as Silicon Valley of India, is India’s largest international exhibition for electronic components and system applications, and in this year, 500 technology supplier companies from 27 countries will demonstrate innovative electronic technologies. Especially, various forums and events on automobile industry which is rapidly growing in India recently, along withcontinuously growing consumer appliance market are held.

KEC is going to exhibit MOSFET, IGBT, and module, the essential components for operation of industrial power and motors, and more focused introductions of SGT MOSFET, low EMI type SJ MOSFET, and RC IGBT, the new products with new technologies applied, and through such activities, KEC will seek more serious entrance to India and South East Asia markets.

Through this exhibition, KEC became able to further reinforce global marketing activities focused on high value added products, which the company has been constantly promoting, and the company is planning to enter various industrial application markets, as well as already entered UPS market, with outstanding performance and cost competitiveness of KEC products.


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