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TITLE KEC-LG Chem completes the joint development of Korea’s first ‘BMS diode module for electric vehicle’
NAME KEC DATE 7/4/2017 COUNT 322

KEC-LG Chem completes the joint development of

Korea’s first ‘BMS diode module for electric vehicle’

- To be applied for the first time in the battery pack of European global automobile company, ‘A’’s electric vehicle in the second half of this year

KEC, together with LG Chem is set to target the market for global electric vehicle parts.

KEC, a company specializing in semi-conductors (CEO Hwang Chang Sup) revealed on the 4th that it completed the joint development of Korea’s first diode module (Product name DM100S06A, DM100S06A1) applied to the Battery Management System (BMS) for electric vehicles together with LC Chem.

This 600V (volt) product that has been developed according to the advance order of global automobile company ‘A’ located in Europe is expected to begin the mass production and supply from the second half of this year.

The diode module concerned is mounted in the BMS of electric vehicles and has been designed to protect the battery from counter electromotive force that may be generated when charging the battery of the electric vehicle. In particular, its role is to prevent discharge and malfunction of battery in case unexpected and unstable input power occurs while charging the battery regardless of the operation of electric vehicle motor.

Recently, internal-combustion vehicles have been named as the main cause of worldwide environmental pollution and various environmental regulations are being reinforced. Following such, in the global automobile market, the importance of hybrid and electric vehicles are being emphasized. In particular, the BMS of electric vehicles is directly connected to the actual driving performance of the electric vehicle, unlike the existing internal-combustion vehicles, so the demand for technology development related to increasing the battery voltage and capacity is increasing in order to increase the mileage which is the key competitiveness of electric vehicles.

An official in KEC revealed that “in order to meet the market demand, the development of diode module for electric vehicles is expected to be expanded from the present 600V level to 1200V in the future to aggressively target the market” and that “with this joint development of electric vehicle’s BMS diode module with LG Chem, we will strive to focus on the development of more diverse products and we hope to gradually expand our position in the market for electric vehicle parts.”

KEC, a company specializing in semi-conductors has concentrated its competence in the field of semi-conductors for the past 49 years since its establishment in 1969 and its quality and technology are being acknowledged by leading electronic companies at both home and abroad. In particular, in line with the recent 4th industrial revolution movement, KEC is trying to make a transition by expanding the market with semi-conductors for automobiles and industry in the consumer market such as smart phones and living appliances.


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