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TITLE KEC launched highly efficient, reverse conducting IGBT optimized to induction application
NAME KEC DATE 6/16/2017 COUNT 247

KEC launched highly efficient, reverse conducting IGBT optimized to

induction application

KEC, a company specializing in non-memory semi-conductors, launched a 1350V/25A reverse conducting (RC) Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) in which reverse conducting diode applied with independent Trench Gate Field-stop technology has been integrated as single-determinant.

The new R-Series product has upgraded the performance of KEC IGBT and has been optimized to soft switching application system used in induction cooking as well as households.

The new R-Series has minimized switching loss up to 25 when compared to the previous series products and has reduced the heating of diode, enabling developers to use higher frequencies exceeding up to 20kHz.

Furthermore, a system applied with new product simultaneously satisfies 93 efficiency and power and the inductor using the system can be downsized, ultimately reducing the overall system expenses.

The new R-Series reduces power loss in high surrounding temperature of up to 175and achieves outstanding heat performance. By reducing the spike current by 15 compared to the previous product during turn-on, the stress on passive elements within the system can be reduced and with outstanding EMI characteristics, the performance and reliability of the overall system can be enhanced.

Based on the launch of this 1350V/25A R-Series, KEC is expected to supply 15A, 20A and 30A products from the second quarter of 2017 and plans to actively engage in business in Korea, Japan and Chinese market. An official in KEC revealed that mass production of 10 million R-Series products in a year has been planned and through it, sales of approximately US$ 3.5 million are expected to be achieved.


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